We aim to build a stronger community, support local businesses & make South Woodford a better place to live & work.

Neighbourhood planning will underpin our core objectives to preserve local character and protect our green spaces. We will champion local causes which improve or benefit the community and defend local services that are under threat.. With your help we can achieve our goals.

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News In Our Area


We are Currently Working On A

What is it and why do we need one now, before it’s too late.


This will be a  group of local people which has been designated by Redbridge Council to create a Community Plan (“The South Woodford neighbourhood Plan”) for the area indicated on the map. The area which will be covered is both E18 and the Tesco trading estate, please see Planning News for further information.


The plan will be created using decision making powers granted to local communities under the Localism Act of 2011....  Local people understand the pressures on our infrastructure and the reasons why developers must not be given a free rein to build inappropriate structures in the name purely of profit.





London Borough of Redbridge submitted the Redbridge Local Plan and supporting documents to the Secretary of State on 3rd March 2017.





We are Currently Working On

Saving our areas past and present gems for the future.



The Wanstead Society

Have you noticed how lovely Wanstead is looking? Thriving shops, lovely outdoor areas and a real pride in the area by the local community. Well you aren't the only one. Our Sister Society is doing great things. Check out their site and how they are helping. Then help us do the same thing for our area and join us.


Have a look at what The Wanstead Society have been campaigning for and why here.


We too are campaigning for good quality and sympathetic development in our area and seeking to preserve and enhance our community.



NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCHThere are many active Neighbourhood Watchs in our area. To access them you need to register via OWL. This is an alert system used by Local Authorities such as Redbridge to send out alerts about crime & local issues happening right now. To access their website click here. OWL will use your postcode to check if you are already in a Watch scheme by finding your local senior Coordinator. If there isn't one it will check if your address is covered by a police administrator who uses OWL to manage your district. A successful search will allow you to register to join a scheme and subscribe to related OWL alerts or to make an enquiry Owl & Neighbourhood Watch not only helps build a community, it keeps it safer and also brings down many home insurance policy costs. It pays to be a community in many ways.


(Our Local Neighbourhood Watch)


You can report non emergency crimes and incidents

by dialling 101 or online www.met.police.uk


Do you feel vulnerable on your own or had a Medical Emergency?

Are you frightened of falling or are you worried about being a victim of Bogus Callers?

The London Borough of Redbridge provides a Lifeline and Telecare Service, which has been helping Redbridge Residents to live independently in their own homes for over thirty years.


If you feel vulnerable or have health issues, or if you’re concerned about Bogus Callers, or if you or family members just want a little peace of mind, help is on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from the Ilford call centre. The Service includes a Visiting Response Team, whose officers are First Aid Trained and carry a Defibrillator, that operates between 6.30 am and 11.00pm.


For further information, please see the attached leaflet, or contact the Control Centre on 020 8708 5897, or e-mail lifeline@redbridge.gov.uk to request more details.



" Violence In our area"    15th October

Many of you would have seen on the news the terrible and tragic attack carried out in Manford Way in Hainault during the evening on Friday 12th October. This attack saw one man killed and another seriously injured. At this time it would seem that this was a targeted attack and there is no further threat to the general public. Unfortunately further information is not available due to this being a live investigation but we urge anyone with any information to come forward. Your team here at South Woodford spent much time at the week end on the crime scene and our thoughts and prayers go out to the families, friends and residents of whom we saw many, at this sad time.


Sunday 14th October we also saw an attack in George Lane. A male was attacked with a blade during the late afternoon. This is not related to the above and would seem to be an altercation that has spilled over from a previous incident in Essex. Obviously this again is under investigation. The male victim was transported to hospital and has since been released.


" Crimes In South Woodford"    22nd August

On 16/08/18 Pulteney Road. A property here was entered during the night and two cycles were stolen. The occupants were not sure if the door had been left open as there were no signs of damage to any door or window.


18/08/18 A House on the drive was burgled. Entry was gained by breaking a window to the side of the property. The home owner was out at the time. We know this happened between 12:00 and 13:00.


Please have a good look around when leaving your address. If anyone is sitting in a vehicle or loitering, please wait a while. If they remain and you believe this to be suspicious, call police.


Saturday morning saw two distraction thefts. One outside Waitrose and one by HSBC in George Lane. If anyone approaches you at an ATM machine, cover the card slot immediately, tell them to go away and if they don't? please make some fuss to bring attention. If the bank/store is open, let them know.


Finally, we had a car stolen from Cadogan Gdns at 03:04 on 21/08/18. This was picked up on a "Ring" doorbell video. Unfortunately, by the time the victim of this crime got to the door the vehicle had gone.


Please do all you can to protect yours and your neighbours property. Get your friends signed up to Owl and keep up to date with your area.


"Traveller Lads" cold calling to do roofing repairs in Roding Ward   17th March

It has been reported that a couple of "Traveller Lads" have been cold calling in the vicinity of Lechmere Avenue (Roding Ward) yesterday. It should be remembered that bogus cold calling roofers have been responsible for 90% of cold caller losses since October 2016. That loss works out at around £180,000 within the L.B. Redbridge. They often claim that work needs doing when it does not - perhaps advising that a new roof is needed when it is sound. The old and vulnerable are at particular risk. A persons life savings could be at risk so vigilance is required.




Fake Council official requests payments FOR pavement works 16th March

 London Borough of Redbridge and that they needed to replace the pavement slabs outside. He asked for £900 as machines apparently needed to be employed to protect the resident’s wall from cracking. In November there was a similar attempted fraud in the Roding Ward when a man asked for £1800 also stating that he was from London Borough of Redbridge and that they needed to dig up the pavement outside. He said that the work would impact upon his property and therefore he needed to pay for his fair share. In both situations no money was lost but residents need to be aware of this type of fraud whereby fraudsters purport to work for the Highways Department of the Council and request immediate payment to cover works being conducted on the pavement outside





In light of recent increase in violent burglaries I like to bring this article to your attention from the Ilford Recorder. The article


NHW advises residence NOT to keep expensive jewellery at home, store them in a Bank Safe/ Deposit Box.


Anyone with any information regarding crimes, NHW recommends to call Crimestoppers anonymously  on 0800 555 111. Pass on the word to get people to get on board and join us on www.OWL.co.uk and or www.RedbridgeNHW.info.



Tree surgeons escalating price up to 4 fold!  28th Nov

There have been instances of tree surgeons putting business cards or leaflets through people’s letter boxes and then unfortunately being employed by the resident. When they say that the price will be £1000 or so – and then half way through they say that there will be an additional charge according to the weight of the wood, nobody would have expected the final price charged to be in the region of £4000 or four times what they expected to pay. Well, this is what has been happening!


If you need a tree surgeon there may be several on the following websites which are  trader approval schemes: Buy With Confidence https://www.buywithconfidence.gov.uk/     and Which? Trusted Traders http://trustedtraders.which.co.uk/


If a friend or relative has been using a tree surgeon over the last several years and has had a good service it is probably better to use them than risk employing somebody who you know nothing about and who has placed a card or flyer through your letter box or may even have cold called you. Remember also not to be overly impressed by professional looking flyers. A fraudster can be very good at deceiving people.





Fraudsters starting continually phoning a 90 year old man in E18 who lives alone.  As he had his hearing aid off they came to his door at 11.45am and a very smartly dressed 40 year old caucasian man said he was from the council, the man knew the owners name and details, and said they needed to dig up the pavement and it would impact his driveway slightly as well so he had to pay his share to fix his driveway - £1,800 which they demanded immediately.


They pressured him to pay by cheque or phone the bank or they said they would take him to a cash point machine or the bank. There was a second black man in a car nearby who was part of it as well.


Eventually the owner said no and they left quickly.


IF anything similar happens to you or a neighbour:


1- Please call 999 immediately if they are still hanging around.


2- Please call 101 and inform the Police with as much details as you can remember.


- If you, your neighbour, or someone on your street have CCTVs, inform the Police to get images of the criminals.


- Try and get as much details of the vehicles used and the number plate, once the number plate is on the system and is being used for criminal activities the Police will eventually track them down.

Please look out for our elderly neighbours ....




There has been an increase of mopeds being stolen, if you own one or know someone who owns one, take pre-cautions to secure it and make it hard, harder or impossible to steal it.


Mopeds are also being used to commit crimes around the country, from jewellery shop raids, mobile phone snatches and even snatching laptops from inside coffee shops and escaping on mopeds.


Register your electricals, gadgets, mobile phone and bicycles on the police websites and use 'item marking solutions ' available on www.Redbridge.info at discount prices and more advice.


Both Owl and Nextdoor.co.uk have been sending out reports of house tagging in the South Woodford area. This is done either  by people calling and leaving ribbons or calling cards wedged into the doors or on door steps. It is believed this is to see if anyone has entered the property or are if they are on holiday over a few days and hence might be a target for possible burglary.

Please look out for your neighbours if you know they are away that nothing similar is left on their entrance way for too long and hopefully they'll then do the same for you....





OWL have received reports of cars disappearing recently, commonly high value vehicles with keyless security systems.


OWL have seen CCTV recordings, where a bag is held up at various points around a house, ostensibly containing a device to intercept and boost the signal, produce their own clone "key" and drive off.

This trend is happening all over Essex and London, now particularly in the Wanstead/Woodford Area.


If you own a vehicle with this type of security, commonly Lexus, Mercedes, BMW and Land Rovers, please pay heed to the following advice:


  • Keep your “keys” in your microwave oven tonight. Don’t forget to take them out before warming up your porridge in the morning.
  • Buy a more permanent solution. You will find bags on offer at Amazon.co.uk ranging between £4 and £50. Search for Faraday bags.
  • You could buy a Crook Lok, they are more expensive. Diskloks are apparently the best, but they cost around £123.

We are collectively looking at less expensive versions of Tracker devices and CCTV cameras for cars, but that’s for the future.

Please let your Ward Coordinators and local Police know if you "lose" your vehicle this way, the more intelligence Owl & the police can collect, the faster they can work towards solutions.





It has come to the attention of the Trading Standards Service that in mid-March an 83 year old lost £11800 to a fraudulent roofer who had cold called his home. This incident happened in the Clayhall Ward. Since October a min. of around £70000 has been lost to fraudulent cold callers. Please be vigilant and do not employ cold callers. Further, please check out old and vulnerable neighbours who are often the victims of such cold callers and advise them accordingly. Please see the attached warning letter that we distribute to high risk areas. Never employ cold callers. They may continue to be active in this borough.










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