Working with local Residents, Businesses, Councillors and Planning to take care of our area.

The South Woodford

      Neighbourhood Plan





Agreed and ready to be rolled out......

Change is in the air with the Redbridge Plan 2015-2030 now formally adopted on March 15th 2018. We are going to see a considerable amount of building taking place soon. Hopefully the Planners will be keeping a sharp eye on exactly what is being built.


We have heard of a number of buildings going up under the cloak of "storage sheds/home gyms" that look remarkably like dwellings. Contact your Councillors directly by email..... or Redbridge Council, preferably both, if you are witnessing this or it is impacting on our community.




Our local councillors are voted in by us to protect and understand the needs of the local community. They are one method of speaking directly to the Council, we will help to be the other.




Gwyneth Deakins


Ian Bond


Lloyd Duddridge


South Woodford is a wonderful place to live and work and the residents enjoy the community and village atmosphere of the area.  However many people are concerned over the recent changes in South Woodford, including the increased development and high turnover of shops on the high street. Fears of a housing crisis has forced London Boroughs to propose aggressive housing targets over the next few years that would see an end to suburbs such as South Woodford.


Redbridge has now formalised it's Local Plan, which is now in place till 2030, for residential housing on all of South Woodford’s business and industrial sites. Research done by Redbridge council itself has already pointed out that there is limited ability to improve infrastructure in South Woodford, basic support, such as local schools and surgeries, will not be able to accommodate the additional population.


Is this inevitable and just a sign of the times? We, in the South Woodford Society do not think so! We have an opportunity to shape our local area through the creation of a neighbourhood plan. Neighbourhood plans are a vital tool in having your say over where new homes, shops and offices are built and how they look.  They allow people to have a say in enhancing and protecting their favourite local spaces.

The area that will be covered by OUR Neighbourhood Plan

Will be South Woodford, E18, plus the Woodford Trading Estate. This is the trading estate on which Tesco's and a few other businesses currently sit. This area, shown in full on downloadable pdf, has been included as it is considered locally as South Woodford  - if over development occurs in this area it will have a huge impact on South Woodford infrastructure i.e. doctors, schools, transport, congestion, parking and thus has been included within designated area.

  • Residents Associations

    If your housing block or streets have their own residents association please let us know and we will provide contact details for your neighbours.


    Plus please remember to join us as an association, so we can help you where we can.  If you do not have a residents association for your immediate area and feel you need one let us help you.

    It is essential that we act together in creating a Neighbourhood Plan that is truly representative of our community and area.


    We are a non political society with only South Woodford, of which we are all residents, best interests at heart.

  • Maybank Residents Group

    The Residents Group for Maybank can be contacted here.

  • Queen Mary's Gate Residents Group

  • Wanstead Society

    Like Ourselves at the South Woodford Society The Wanstead Society is an independent, non-political organisation that works to protect, preserve and improve the local area.

    They meet once a month at Wanstead House. Contact them if you’re interested

    in being a member of the committee and live in Wanstead – you can make a big difference.

    Wanstead Society Website

  • Other Local Societies

    We are fortunate enough to have other sister societies who also care about what is happening in our areas and the long term effects.

  • Other Local Societies2

South Woodford has a rich historical past, from a rural hamlet to a leafy suburban escape. Although many ill thought out developers plans have resulted in the loss of many of the areas unique assets, those that remain still have interesting stories to tell. English Heritage have been involved in trying to protect south woodford and have suggested a number of recommendations to improve our area and preserve our heritage.